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    The Third Coast Home Buyers Difference

    Why Sell Your House Fast With Our Houston Home Buyers?

    • Sell Your House As-Is – Forget the repairs that real estate agents and potential buyers request. We buy houses Houstonians don’t want in any condition across the Houston area and pay cash!
    • Direct Sales With No Third Party – Our cash home buyers are not wholesalers. When we buy Houston homes, we work directly with you, the owner.
    • Proof of Funds – We have private lenders and CASH available so that you can sell your house fast in Houston and surrounding areas.
    • Experienced Buyers – We have over a decade of experience helping homeowners like you out of “sell my house fast” situations.
    • Customer Service – Selling your home should be a simple process that takes far less than 30 days. We also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau!

    Get a Cash Offer for Your Home

      Why Lose Money With a Realtor?
      We Buy Houses Houston Homeowners Don't Want!

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      Before you lock yourself into a months-long contract with a real estate agent, contact our Houston home buyers for a fair cash offer. We provide a great alternative to the traditional real estate market for homeowners ready to sell. Moreover, we maintain a transparent, straightforward process with options that help you sell your house fast. 

      When you partner with us, we buy houses Houston homeowners no longer want. At the core of our business, our goal is to help you do what’s best for you. That’s why there’s no obligation attached to a fair cash offer from our team. 

      If you want to sell your Houston home fast, there’s nothing to lose when you reach out to our cash home buyers in Houston.

      How Do I “Sell My House Fast” in Houston, TX?

      At Third Coast Home Buyers, we are the solution to your selling woes. Why face the possibility of foreclosure or keep waiting for bad tenants to pay rent? If you struggle with a property, sell your house fast with a fair cash offer from our team. 

      • Do you own an empty house that drains your finances? 
      • Is foreclosure looming overhead? 
      • Do you have a new job that requires you to relocate? 
      • Did you inherit a home and don’t know what to do with it? 
      • Does your house need a lot of renovation and repairs? 
      • Are you in the middle of a divorce and unsure how to split your property?

      If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be in a “sell my house fast” situation. So often, people fear judgment when they face a challenging problem. At Third Coast, our home buyers in Houston, Texas, treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. 

      If you are interested in selling property fast, trust our team to offer you a solution that works. We buy houses Houston homeowners don’t want, and we do it with cash.

      The Benefits of Our Cash Home Buyers

      As cash home buyers in Houston, TX, we strive to provide personalized services that meet your needs. When we buy Houston houses, our goal is to buy your house at a fair price. 

      To do this, we offer a simple, seamless process that doesn’t drag on for months or require you to jump through hoops. Instead, we pay fair cash for your home. If you aren’t sure how to sell your house fast for a fair ash offer, don’t hesitate to call!

      No Closing Costs

      We never charge closing costs or hidden fees when we buy Houston houses for cash.


      Sell your Houston home fast with a short, simple process.

      No Commissions

      We never take commissions. When we make a cash offer, that’s what you receive.

      No Repairs

      Our Houston home buyers take on the burden of any repairs.

      No Inspection Fees

      We inspect and appraise your property on our own, meaning there’s no fee.

      Choose When to Close

      When we buy houses, we work with you to find a convenient closing date.

      Sell Your House In 4 Simple Steps

      Share Your Information

      Provide basic information on the property.

      Book an Appointment

      We arrange a time to view the property and discuss it in greater detail.

      Accept Our Cash Offer

      Get an honest, no-obligation cash offer: no commissions and no hidden fees.

      Get Cash for Your House

      If you accept the offer, we close the deal in as little as seven days!

      Skip the Hassle of Home-Selling

      A homeowner needs to weigh their options even when it’s a seller’s market. If you list your home with a realtor, there’s potential to reach a higher market price. Of course, the idea of that is attractive. 

      However, did you consider all the costs that accrue as you wait to get there? If you take the time to do the math, that higher market price doesn’t mean there’s more money in your pocket by the time you close. 

      Additionally, the traditional route realtors use takes quite a bit of time. Often, closing a deal takes weeks, even months. That means you must deal with monthly utility bills and cleanings on top of any repair expenses. 

      When we buy Houston houses, we buy them in as-is condition. For homeowners who need to sell fast or need extra cash, you skip those expensive repairs. At Third Coast Home Buyers, we take on the burden of repairs. 

      When you find yourself thinking, “I need to sell my house fast,” Houston has options. Reach out to our team today!

      Get a Fair Cash Offer Fast!

        How Does a Traditional Sale Compare to a Cash Offer?

        When we buy houses in Houston, the difference is easy to see. Our cash home buyers offer a faster sale without the costs associated with a traditional sale. 

        Traditional Selling Our Cash Buyers
        Average Days To Close Transaction
        50-60 days
        The Date Of YOUR CHOICE
        Commissions / Fees
        6% paid by you, the seller
        Who Pays Closing Costs?
        2-3% paid by you, the seller
        NONE - We pay all costs
        Appraisal Needed
        Yes, the sale is often subject to appraisal
        NONE - We make cash offers
        Number of Showings
        Just 1, us
        Who Pays for Repairs?
        Negotiated After Inspections
        NONE - We pay for all repairs
        Move Out Day
        Day of closing
        We work with you to find a date.

        When you work with a real estate agent, you leave yourself in someone else’s hands. Maintain control of your life and sell your house fast directly to our Houston home buyers. Once you evaluate the facts, it’s easy to see which option is better. 

        So, Are You Ready to Sell Your House Fast?

        Reasons to Sell to House Buyers

        When we buy houses, home sellers contact us for a variety of reasons. We treat our clients with dignity and respect regardless of your motivation to sell. Moreover, we offer a transparent process.

        Do you need to sell your house? If these situations sound familiar, contact Third Coast Home Buyers for a cash offer on your home.

        Avoid Foreclosure

        The foreclosure process is heartbreaking, but you always have an option.

        Inherited Homes

        When you inherit a family home, it's common for it to become a burden.

        Lien on Your Home

        If there's a lien on your home, a cash offer helps you protect your future.

        Chuy Garcia
        I had the pleasure to work with Chris and Third Coast Home Buyers on an investment property in La Porte and it was a great experience. They were quick to make a decision on purchasing the property and were very patient as we struggled through closing due to unexpected delays caused by the title company. Chris and his team are definitely experts and professionals in REI.
        Fernando Perez
        The process was fast, home cash buyers made everything fast and easy on purchasing my house.Profecional and punctual, took care of everything with the transfer of ownership.
        Vince Hadley
        Third Coast Home Buyers bought my house and I could not be happier. The process was quick and easy. I got a good deal too! I thought it would take a long time to sell but TCHP took care of everything and I got my $$$ fast. Five Stars!!
        Patrick Murphy
        I wanted to sell my house as fast as possible, and Chris came to the rescueI sold my house fast, and at a fair price.Thank you Chris and Third Coast Home Buyers.I recommend them to anyone who needs to sell there home. Again Thank you.
        Cody Hadley
        Finally landed my dream job but, had to move across the country for it in less than a month. Not only did Third Coast Home Buyers sell my house fast, they didn’t give me a low ball all cash offer like everyone else!
        W P
        If you need to sell your house fast and need a cash buyer, then contact them. Reliable, friendly, and efficient!
        Michael Gautreau
        I needed to sell my home fast and for cash. They made it easy! Definitely would recommend them.
        Donna Ballard
        Great experience they made an offer paid cash. Very professional would highly recommend.
        Danielle ward
        Chris and his crew made the home selling process so eaay for me when i needed to sell my house fast. I highly recommend them!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        When you choose to sell your home to a cash home buyer, the process is faster than you might think. The professional Houston home buyers at Third Coast focus on making the process smooth and straightforward. 

        Unlike a traditional home sale, which can take months to close, our buyers operate on a faster, more flexible timeline. As experienced cash home buyers, we know that homeowners don’t always have the luxury of waiting for a sale to happen. 

        That’s why we optimized the process to close deals on a timeline that works for you. When we buy houses, Houston homeowners get cash in their hands.

        Yes, we can sell your Houston home fast because we are the ones buying the property. Instead of acting as an agent, you work with our team of professional buyers. Our team handles all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what’s important: not having to yell, “I want to sell my house fast” anymore.

        Absolutely, yes! When we say, “We buy houses in any condition,” we mean it. At Third Coast Home Buyers, we love to work with houses in need of some TLC. That’s why we buy your house exactly as it stands. 

        What does that mean for homeowners? You never have to worry about expensive repairs or renovations. Moreover, you never have to waste time making your home “market-ready.”

        Whether your house needs major repairs or a minor update, we are ready to check it out and make an offer. As experienced cash home buyers, we understand that every house has its own history. Whatever that history is or why you want to sell is your business. 

        Let us help you relieve the burden of those repairs with an honest cash offer.

        We buy your home directly from you. Afterward, we may make some repairs and sell your property to someone else or turn it into a rental property.

        No, you have no obligation to accept our cash offer. After we visit your home and make an offer, the decision is yours. When we buy Houston houses, we are happy to see the property, answer questions, and make an offer.

        Because we buy homes in any condition, the offer tends to be lower than market value. However, it’s lower because we factor in our own repairs before we buy houses for cash in Houston.

        As Houston home buyers, we seek to help homeowners out of problem properties. That includes navigating properties with outstanding debt. Financial strain is a challenge for anyone to face, and a quick home sale can ease that tension. 

        When you want to sell your house fast to manage your outstanding debt, we are here to help. With a cash offer from our buyers, you can repay your debt and start to move forward in your life. 

        As cash home buyers in Houston, we strive to work with homeowners who need a helping hand. If you feel the strain of debt that keeps mounting and want to sell your house, contact our team today to receive a quote on a no-obligation cash offer.

        Yes! Third Coast Home Buyers works in the Greater Houston Area and throughout the Gulf Coast Bay area of Texas. Based in Houston, TX, we are ready to make a fair offer on your home. 

        We make an offer shortly after viewing your home. Because we buy houses with cash, there’s no need for an appraisal. Moreover, we don’t have to wait for approval from a bank. 

        Once we view your home, we can make a cash offer in a matter of hours. When you want to sell your house fast, work with the cash home buyers Houston trusts. 

        There are many reasons for a Houston seller to choose a we buy houses company. Chief among those reasons are the speed and the certainty of the sale. When the goal is to sell your house fast Houston can’t get much faster than a cash home buyer. 

        In Houston, Texas, it usually takes close to 100 days to sell a home with a real estate agent. That includes roughly 55 days sitting on the market and the 40 days it takes for a potential buyer to close. 

        When we buy houses, Houston homeowners don’t have to wait that long. That waiting period equates to more showings, more utility bills, and likely more repairs you have to make to appease a buyer. If you work with a homebuyer, we can close in a matter of days. 

        So, are you ready to sell your house fast Houston? If so, call 832-930-1624 today to start the process and get a fair cash offer!

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