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When we buy houses in Galveston, homeowners have a personalized solution. All you have to do is fill out the form or call us for a cash offer today. 

    Sell Your Galveston Home for Cash

    Galveston is an incredibly beautiful city with a stunning and thriving downtown area. However, it is also prone to storms that leave homeowners in difficult situations. When the “nice” houses in
    your neighborhood sell above market value while your home sits in need of repair, you have options!

    If you don’t want to deal with expensive upgrades and repairs, the traditional real estate route might not be your best bet. Oftentimes, homeowners expect a better deal when they work with an agent. When you crunch the numbers, though, you start to see all those costs that chip away at the selling price…

    • Agent fees and commissions
    • Closing costs
    • Title fees
    • Open houses
    • Repairs requested by the buyer
    • Photography
    • Utilities

    It’s enough to make that huge sale price seem like a pittance. Too often, the actual amount you receive is not the price you sell for. Even savvy homeowners are shocked at how working with Third Coast Home Buyers is often more profitable.

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    Cash for Houses in Galveston

    We're Ready to Make a Cash Offer on Your Home

    A No-Obligation Offer, No Matter Your Reason to Sell

    Across the country, millions of Americans find themselves in a tough financial situation. In some cases, the reason to sell is pretty simple. For others, it’s a bit embarrassing to admit.

    No matter why you want to sell, when we buy houses in Galveston, we treat our clients with the respect they deserve. As a trusted home buyer in the Gulf Coast area, we often help people in our community out of difficult “sell my house fast” situations.

    • Do you need a simple way to avoid foreclosure?
    • Are you hoping to avoid expensive repairs?
    • Did you inherit a house that you don’t know what to do with?
    • Does a vacant property drain your bank account?
    • Do you have problem tenants you no longer want to deal with?
    • Are you going through a divorce?
    • Do you simply want to avoid the long, drawn-out process of selling traditionally?

    When we buy houses in Galveston, TX, we provide homeowners with a quick, simple, transparent process. Moreover, we never charge any fees or commissions. In fact, we cover many of the closing costs for our neighbors.

    If you call us today, our team will make a fair, no-obligation cash offer on your home in as little as 24 hours. Simply fill out the form on this page or give our team a call!

    Simple, Clear Home Buying

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    How Much Is Your Home Worth?

    See The Third Coast Difference

    When you partner with a trusted company like Third Coast Home Buyers, we guarantee no commissions, no fees, and a hassle-free process to sell your home. When our team buys homes in Galveston, our clients enjoy exceptional service.

    Gain the peace of mind you need and have confidence in your decision. Know that our team works hard to find the best solution for you.

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    Experience You Can Trust

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    Close on Your Schedule

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    No Hidden Fees

    Cash Home Buyers in Galveston

    Any Condition

    At Third Coast Home Buyers, we know how hard it is to maintain a home in the Gulf Coast region. A single storm is enough to cause thousands of dollars in damage. When we buy houses in Galveston, we bear the weight of those repairs so that you can move forward with your life.

    Personalized Solutions

    When you find yourself in a tough situation, you need a team that treats you with the dignity and respect that you deserve. At third Coast Home Buyers, we understand how quickly problems arise in life.

    Our goal is to help you move forward. wth a fair, honest cash offer on your home.

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    We Buy Houses in Galveston: FAQ

    Selling your home should never be a complicated process. When we buy houses, Galveston homeowners have options. However, it’s common for them to have questions about Third Coast Home Buyers, too. Below, we look at a handful of the most common questions we hear from our neighbors.

    When you work with Third Coast Home Buyers, we offer a quick, transparent way to sell your house fast. Galveston homeowners often reach out to us because they have a “sell my house fast” situation that requires a more efficient process. 

    Still, there are other key differences between Galveston home buyers and real estate agents. Let’s take a look!

    Third Coast Buys Houses in Galveston

    • Competitive Cash Offer Quick: Our process is efficient enough for us to make a no-obligation cash offer on your home in a timely manner. 
    • Avoid the Hassle of Showings: When we buy houses, Galveston homeowners sell the property as-is. That means there are no open houses or weekend showings, which means you save money on major repairs.
    • Close on Your Schedule: If you accept our cash offer, we close on your timeline. Moreover, we can close in a matter of days, so all you have to do is pick a date that’s a good time for you to sell your house fast in Galveston.
    • We Cover Closing Costs: When you work with a realtor, the closing costs can pile up quickly. When we buy houses in Galveston, TX, we cover the costs for you. 
    • No Hidden Fees, No Commissions: When we buy your house in Galveston, we never charge hidden fees or commissions. The cash offer you see is what goes directly into your pocket.
    • We Make Our Own Repairs: If you think, “I want to sell my house as-is,” that’s no problem. We take on the burden of any repairs so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

    The Traditional Real Estate Model

    When you list your home with a real estate agent in Galveston, the time, money, and stress start to add up. Here’s how that usually happens. 

    • Days Become Months: It’s not always easy to find a buyer. The longer your house sits out on the market, the more it costs you. When we buy houses, Galveston residents don’t have to wait. 
    • Showings Disrupt Your Life: From preparing your house for showings to the number of open houses, the process disrupts your life. When you sell your house fast, you do it on your own time. 
    • Closing Takes A While: Typically, closing with a real estate agent takes anywhere from 30-60 days after you accept an offer. Do you have time for that?
    • You Pay Closing Costs: On average sellers are responsible for up to 2% of the sale price in closing fees. Wouldn’t that money be better in your pocket?
    • Commissions & Fees Add Up: On top of those closing costs, real estate agents carve out fees and commissions to reduce your profit.
    • You Have to Cover Repairs: Typically, when someone buys a house, they don’t want to make repairs. Moreover, inspections can leave you on the hook for extensive repairs.

    When we buy houses, Galveston homeowners sell directly to us. At Third Coast Home Buyers, we are not real estate agents. Moreover, we do not represent you or any other clients when we buy your house in Galveston. 

    When you need to sell your house fast in Galveston, we work directly with you. After a quick review of the property, we make a fair cash offer on your home. Additionally, we buy houses in any condition. 

    That means you never have to worry about repairs or wasted time. For a no-obligation cash offer on your Galveston home, reach out to our team today!

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